Movie Process

I’m now in my fifth year of making movies, onward and upward from the still art I’ve done all my life. Now at 71 a whole new adventure. Actually I have background in animated TV commercials where I did production air brush and backgrounds. Before, during and after that I’ve lived a life of with movies and loved them. It’s been a dream that has finally taken shape. And here’s how I do it:

These are quiet art films of nature. There’s no story, no actors, directors, story board, no script. They are just raw nature. They’re what happens when I walk out my door into the wildness. My whole background and artistic training in school and 50 years of making artwork comes into play somehow. In a way I do what nature does, I just show up with my little skills and eyes. Nature herself unfolds the beauty and magic and sometimes I have enough presence to notice it and capture it. Recently I’ve gotten several musicians to work with me on sound tracks and a good editor helping me too. This very exciting with multiple creators on a project that really upgrades it’s effect and impact.

The latest thing is a move on my part from single scene movies with a title and credits to multi scene ideas. I’m now working on longer length actual films. Music, made by musicians for and with the movie, is creating some exciting results. What they see in what I’ve created is really also what nature has really created. Quite different than canned music. It’s nature, image and music all interrelated and creating together.

All in all an exciting, creative and fulfilling time of my life. Hope you enjoy.

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