Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005

2005……  seems amazing to be into this new century a ways, to take it for granted, in stride.  It\’s almost just a date on a check now, completely natural.  Life goes on.

Half a century ago when I was about 7 and beginning to become conscious, I vaguely remember the 1950 turn over.  A decade rollover.  It caught my small attention and now, at 62, my folks in their mid 80\’s, most of my children in their mid 30\’s, four grandchildren…  what a perspective.  What events, what shifts what milestones have gone by.  We\’ve all seen our fair share no matter what our age.  Smile and shake my head is about all I can do.  Am I a bit wiser, more experienced, a bit less self centered, more loving, more conscious?  Perhaps…  hopefully…  I\’d like to think so….

Mulling about in this moment, I think about you all and wish you all the best.  May you too reflect a bit, take a look at yourself and your life, count your blessings, forgive yourself and others for the inevitable mistakes we\’ve all participated in.   May we all resolve to pay more attention, be more forgiving and, perhaps more than anything, be more tolerant and more loving to ourselves and all of God\’s creation.   May we keep examining those impossible questions about who we are and what we should be doing and being here on this huge, little, blue, green and white ball spinning and rotating and simultaneously drifting through the vastness of space.  That same vastness the physicists tell us they find in their strongest microscopes.  May we all, please, take much joy in the unimaginable glory of it all.

love and hugs and christmas joy,


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