Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004

Dear Good Folks, Family and Freinds,

It has been a momentous year. I survived the sticker shock of becoming 60 to greet Bethany’s and Mike Choate’s wedding, Meghan’s baby, a month in Paris, a new irrigation system and three weeks of work with my great old friend Del Contival.

Bethany’s wedding was spectacular. Betty designed it all and did so with a completeness and thoroughness unrivaled. It was so thoughtfully held in Los Angeles to make it easy for her mother, Cathleen, to attend. The totality of design included all ages including the children so all had a wonderful time and were awed by the happy couple and the wedding’s beauty.

Meghan invited Cathleen [her Mom] and a friend; Matthew [her brother] and me to Paris, where she lives, for a month to witness and help with the birth of her second child: Lucien. He decided to come two weeks early which was both a surprise and a blessing: we got to see much more of him! Lucien and I spent a lot of time together in a most special and most astounding bonding.

During the summer I finally completed plans for a new irrigation watering system for my land. It’s fully underground and has wonderful coverage and ease of handling. But it’s most enjoyable aspect was inviting my old chum Del to help me for a week of so job of relaxing work to complete it. Well, three weeks later of intense [especially for two old guys] work we managed to get the lion’s share done while having a most wonderful time together doing it. We hadn’t worked together in decades! What a treat.

For the next several months I’ve been tinkering and finishing the system off. It’s wonderful. My gravity feed system has needed much help as well and Stephanie my neighbor and good friend has helped me get that system working.

All my many animals,five dogs and two cats, have aged and died. The last few died this year. There was such a mouse problem with the last cat’s departure that I’ve gotten two new kitties: Blue and Lynx and just got them fixed. They are a wonderful treat and bundles of energy and quite successful as four-legged mouse traps.

I have been making and printing much art and preparing for a possible show soon. By sometime next year I’ll have a web site up and taking shape at:

There is an image and greeting there now. I’ve also got a new domaine and email address:

My folks report good health and frames of mind and all is well with my world and I wish you all the same.

Love and hugs,


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